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Musicians have a right to muse and amuse .On Applause they go all hog dishing out their best to serenade a live audience .Top notch singers, masters and stalwarts of 7 notes justify what they are famed for and dare we add that they do it just right, maybe even better. Applause is a superlative show of superlative performers .Numero Uno singers from Pakistani music firmament, arty sets, note perfect live band and live audience to sing along Applause!
The Sahir Show (Geo Ent.) is an entertainment talk show. Sahir is a talented interviewer and has done in-depth hours with extraordinary men and women of politics, business, sports, literature, art & entertainment. These conversations provide viewers, accessible profiles of the people who have influenced our world. Each episode of The Sahir show introduces new people, explore fresh ideas, and illuminate important issues prevailing in society.
Umer Shareef creates all the fun and pun and spurs his wittiness on an hour long show, titled to his own name “The Shareef Show”. Umer Shareef leaves no stone unturned while interviewing his guests with the most unexpected and enthralling questions you could think of. Celebrities from film, television, music, fashion, sports and politics, all are found under Umer Shareef’s comical spell.

Filmed before a live studio audience, each episode is packed with entertainment for all the family. Be it Umar Shareef’s monologues which ooze sharp-witted humor, satire and innuendo; his awe-inspiring celebrity guests at their candid best; or comic sketches and musical performances that will leave you spell bound. This show is
Super Duper Gana is more interactive than most request based shows one has ever witnessed. With VJ Sanam, it is a no hold barred affair on screen. No fixed agenda. No sloppy topics. No pre planned pointers to bore the ghost out of the viewers. It is all very spontaneous and on the fly kind of a show comprising of popular Pakistani music videos, live phone calls and SMS activity to convey your messages across. What more could one ask for?
VJ Ali Safina is the a roller coaster ride of his life .Up, down, right, left and places you probably cannot even fathom, his comedy attacks from every angle. The VJ with his tri-lingual (Urdu, Enlish, Punjabi) skills leaves no stone unturned by his sense of humor on a one hour long live show. Riddles, proverbs, jokes on one hand and sms, calls, contests on the other, the Safina boy is a barrage of boisterous laughter! Now Hun Dus?
Chat onscreen Aag Tv with your favorite VJs. Mathira , Vj Sanam and Vj Ali Safina
Mon- fri 3-4 pm
To register type ABC <SPACE>YOUR NICK AND SEND IT TO 224
To chat write message and send it to 224
Sms charges Rs 5 plus tax
For Pakistan Only
Watching news will never be the same again, once you are hooked with the Banana News Network. Serious issues and latest news are presented with a witty twist while the BNN crew ‘worm’ their way in high profile events & news conferences, leaving everyone with a little more than just a satirical spin whirling in their minds!
With mock celebrity interviews, parodies, spoof-laden analysis and hilarious overviews of the current news; this is one hour of BNN is made to drive you BANANAS!
Amidst thousands of languages spoken in the world, Punjaagi is the wittiest and most unique. It is a blend of English, Urdu and Punjaabi with a huge emphasis on its' pun part! In Punjaagi Totay, you get to see clips of celebrities from politics, sports, music and films , all dubbed in Punjaagi!
Pakistan has valleys, rivers, shrines ,temples and beautiful landscapes hitherto hidden to many. Geo Ajoba takes the viewers around the most beautiful and scenic of all places .There is complete information given about each destination in every episode of Geo Ajoba.
Geo believes in making friends and these friends are located all over the world The friends of Geo capture funny videos about what they see,like or dislike and upload them on Geo Dost. The compilation of all the clips in one show is called Geo Dost .The fast paced show is unique and has contribution of clips and videos from the best of all friends hence the name Geo Dost

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