" Khudi " is the youth wing of " Pukaar ", a collaboration of MKRF and Imran Khan. The objective of this campaign is to unite the youth of Pakistan to help and support the flood victims through the pedestal of AAG

Misfortune has veiled over our nation once again, much disastrous and much outrageous than ever. With over 20 million people effected, who constitute more than 10% of the total population, the devastation is more than the combined total of the 2004 Tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake & the 2010 Haiti earthquake. As many as 600,000 people are oblivion of the help from outside sources because of their unreachable locations and destructed means of communication.

In this era of disparity it is the need of the hour for the whole nation to band together and serve as an errand of aspiration for the people of Pakistan who need their fellow brethren the most. KHUDI, aims to aspire the flood victims and help them financially, morally and emotionally in compliance with the youth.

Pakistan's weak civilian government has faced an outpouring of fury over sluggish relief efforts, while officials warn the country faces ruinous economic losses of up to 43 billion dollars. Millions of survivors are in desperate need of food, shelter and clean drinking water and require humanitarian assistance to survive, as concerns grow over potential cholera, typhoid and hepatitis outbreaks.

Khudi - Aagey Barho is an endeavour of the youth to reconstruct and rehabilitate the loss of our countrymen.

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"Mir Khalil ur Rahman Foundation" also known as MKR Foundation; is a Pakistan based non-profit organization dedicated to using media as a tool for social betterment and for empowering people to engage with their communities through learning, teaching and making media.
MKR Foundation is working in partnership with Geo TV Networks and Jang reaching a mass audience through dailies, weeklies, television, and radio and online editions.

We, at KHUDI - AAGEY BARHO, humbly request and invite the youth of Pakistan to reach their hands out and help the affectees of flood, as it is US only who can bring a difference and bring a change in their lives. Come forward and show your support, work with us or generously give your donations. Your little step could save a life!

MKR Foundation and Imran Khan have collaborated and launched "Pukaar", a social welfare organization aimed at providing relief to flood victims by collecting donations from the people of Pakistan as well as global. Assuring proper utilisation of donations, Imran Khan said that funds would be distributed in a transparent way. He said the programme would devise short and long term strategies, adding that, in the short term, necessary items would be distributed among the flood victims, while the long-term strategy would focus on rehabilitation of the displaced people.